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  Bela Crkva is situated in the southern Banat area, a hundred kilometers east of Belgrade. Next to the city there are the following lakes: Glavno, Vraèevgajsko, Šaransko, Šljunkara... which represent a unique tourist offer in Vojvodina. Lakes were formed by gravel excavation, the water is transparent green, and the beaches are sandy. Glavno lake beach, is mostly paved, while at the other lakes it is completely natural. Bathing is also possible in our rivers, the Nera and Karaš, and the Danube river and the canal Danube-Tisa-Danube complete this unique natural environment. For those guests who do not enjoy only in swimming, we organize, together wit the local guides, trips in the vicinity of Bela Crkva, with visits to Vršac, Mesic and Gudurica. Programs for hunting large game, organized in Deliblato sands, and fishing from the shore and from boats is organized on the lakes, Danube-Tisa-Danube canal and the Danube.  

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